About Us

About Us

Cal Dec is a Full-Service Container and Closure Decorating Company

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We work with leading brands in the personal care and consumer products industries, providing creative solutions that positively promote their brands.  Whether the challenge is ensuring color consistency across multiple products and substrates, meeting a demanding shipping schedule, designing and building custom equipment, or hitting a certain price point, innovative solutions have always been the hallmark of our company.

Our bottle printing services have helped retail, salon beauty brands, cosmetics companies, food and beverage, pet care, household and automotive products.

At Cal Dec, we are proud of our good reputation and the values of our company’s craftsmanship, commitment, quality, technological innovation, and creativity.  These have been our guiding principles for more than five decades, and customers tell us that those are the reasons they choose to work with us.

 We Specialize in:

  • Glass Bottle Printing
  • Plastic Bottle Printing
  • Led Printing
  • Cosmetic Bottle Printing
  • Small and Large Run Bottle Printing


Cal Dec Screen Printing has been in business since 1960.  The company was originally established as a bottle screen printer in Fontana, California in the community of the Inland Empire.  After 50 years, we have recently moved to Rancho Cucamonga, California to better serve our customers.  Cal Dec is a closely knitted corporation which allows us to give you personalized service.


Strategically located in Southern California, within the vicinity of Los Angeles , our mission is to offer the best solution for your printing needs.  We will give you the best quality at the most competitive prices, and our satisfaction with our products and services is of the utmost importance.


Our Facilities

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Cal Dec’s location is a 12,000 square feet facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California.  We employ about 25 people – many who have been with Cal Dec for more than a decade.

Our manual and fully automated screen printing machines are specially designed to produce equally high quality, fine registration jobs and are primarily used for short and long runs and irregularly shaped or large parts.  We engineer special screens  and tooling to print on curved and recessed areas and difficult parts requiring screens other than the standard flat ones.

Our high-tech automatic and semi-automatic machines allow us to print on different sizes of bottles, tubes, jars and lids ranging from ¼oz to one gallon;  As well as oval bottles or Malibu tubes with multicolor jobs with proper registration. We have many productions lines and offer quick turn around times.

We work hard for every customer to help meet the constant demand for innovative and efficient silk screening at very competitive pricing. We specialize in small quantity bottle screenprinting.

Our custom printing experience is an asset to customers who are looking to differentiate their products from the competition and have the flexibility of working with an agile supplier.

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