How Can New Products Find Strong Markets Improving Packaging and Design

Famous brands are not just well-known because of their quality and products. They are famous because they are recognizable by their logo, packaging, and colors. It is like spotting a bottle of Jack among other local whiskeys in a bar. If you are out to redesign your product or launch a new product, you need to invest a little more thought in the packaging.

Book by its cover?

Inside a supermarket hosting thousands of cosmetic brands, liquor bottles, and beverage bottles, having a packaging that people can instantly associate with your brand can have a considerable advantage. While designing the package, always ask yourself if your customers can recognize your products from their packages. It is a huge part of customer psychology. You can always make your target customers choose your products by keeping a common element of design between them.

When it comes to glass bottles, there is a vast scope in design. Glass bottles can be of varying shapes and sizes. Red wine bottles look different from white wines. Whiskey bottles look different from rum. Moreover, the beer simply stands out on its own. So it true for cosmetic products and pharmaceutical products. Glass bottles are surely more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles, which one cannot easily recycle or reuse. makes printing on glass bottles much easier.

Customization is a huge necessity

No matter which industry you belong to, if you have a glass bottle, Cal Dec can print it for you. With over 50 years of business, the experts at this printing business can handle any glass bottle shape, size, and specifications. If you have to modify plastic bottles, Cal Dec can do it for you too. Whether it is a small run of 10 bottles or a huge one of 1 million, this printing company can easily take it on and deliver what your desire.

From art to marketing: smart designs

Bottle printing is an art as well as an integral part of marketing. The art of silkscreen printing contributes to the aesthetics of a brand and adds to the brand value. Cal Dec uses organic inks to create art on bottles that is sustainable and eco-friendly. The resplendent print can easily create a favorable impression among the consumers. It is much easier to spot a uniquely shaped product with a classy label amidst 100 other product on the same shelf.

Silkscreen printing helps profit

In fact, silk screen printing of labels on glass bottles can lower your production cost significantly. You can keep the quality of your products intact, and you do not have to think about cutting corners in the designing process when choosing silk screen printing on bottles. It is a very cost-effective process which will help you save a significant amount of resources in the end.

Keep the packaging design simple, practical and attractive. Stay away from beaten designs and clichés. Pick designs that resonate with your company and speak to your brand values. Always remember to try a demo mock-up before giving it a final go.

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