General Policies

General Policies


To run a better operation, we need to have some ground rules so we have laid out some basic company policies.  These are very basics and silk screen industry standard policies.


We make screens from your supplied film positives, in house.  Please note that the screen charge is one time charge and you do not have to pay again for repeat jobs as we store your screens for future use.


We have tooling for almost all the stock bottles and jars.  For unusual containers we would need to make special tooling for your job.  We will let you know in advance if we need to make it and how much the cost will be before we start your job.

Film Positives

We work closely with another firm who we contract to create film positives for you.  They will accept your artwork by email or CD and produce film positive.

Setup Charge

Typically, each machine takes about one hour of set up time. We do not charge any set up charge to set up the machine for you.

QC Terms

Even though it is not physically possible to check each and every printed container, we do enforce strict quality control.  Our inspector is continuously checking each production line to make sure the job is done correctly.

Scrap Allowance

Allow 2% per pass or label in substrate scrap.  Scrap allowance does not include substrate defects.  Even though we ask for this allowance, on an average our scarp rate is very minimal for one pass and for the second pass onwards we may have a much smaller rate.

Repackaging Charge

If you have expensive and delicate containers, sometimes they are packed individually in bags etc. We may have to charge extra for extra packers to take containers from the bags, print on it, and then repack it the same way it came. We will let you know ahead of time if we need to charge you a repacking charge.

Re-shipper Carton Charges

On a typical run for your job, we unpack your cases and after printing your containers, we pack it back in the same cartons they arrived in.  On rare occassions a customer may ask us to pack it differently in new cartons, in which case, we will charge for new packaging.

Shipment and FOB

All shipments coming to Cal Dec and leaving Cal Dec after the job is done are the responsibility of the customer.  We receive and ship shipments to and from most carriers including UPS.  If the job is small enough for UPS shipping, we will gladly ship it back to you on your UPS account number.

Terms and Conditions

  • Quotation is subject to review of art and substrate.
  • Pricing based on automatic feed systems.
  • Cal Dec will not be liable for scuffing or scratching of parts — especially via UPS/Fed-Ex.
  • Label registration tolerance is +/- 1/8”. Print registration is +/- 3/32” unless otherwise noted.
  • Cal Dec will not guarantee or be liable for ink adhesion on polypropylene.
  • The Customer is liable for any costs incurred in preparation of their order prior to cancellation or obsolescence.
  • The suitability of Cal Dec supplied processes for a particular application is the responsibility of the user. Cal Dec will not assume liability after the product is filled, if items are completed, or if items are in your possession for more than 30 days.
  • All items are make and ship unless quoted otherwise. Any blank ware stored for over 30 days may be subject to retroactive storage charges, and we will assume no liability for them.
  • Issuance of a Purchase Order deems acceptance of all quote terms and conditions.
  • Payment Terms are Net 30 on approved credit.
  • All preceding quotes for the same part are null and void. Any comments appearing in the “Notes” section of a Customer quote take precedence over “Terms and Conditions.”
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