Packaging Sells Products: Pick The Right Design That Will Speak to Your Customers

Screen bottle printing has everything your brand needs to become visible and successful. Bottle printing is a huge part of introducing your product to the right market. For example – you may produce the fine scotch, but if you bottle it like hooch, you will never be able to find the right consumer. We have seen the finest products go unnoticed because of inconspicuous packaging. The power of your packaging should remind people your brand name and your products, from the shape and shade of the bottle. That is excellent packing.

The time of stickers is almost gone

Some of the most famous brands use sticker labels for their bottles. However, according to experts, the perfect wine label is a work of art as it is a work of science. Silkscreen printing adds a sense of elegance to any bottle, which most consumers of fine FMCG crave for. Therefore, if you are thinking of launching a new line of wine or repackaging your whiskey, you should give silkscreen glass bottle printing a serious thought. You can check out the most impressive gallery of screen-printed bottles at right now.

How is screen print taking over sticker labels?

Correctly designing your label can make all the difference. A great looking and striking design are likely to increase the shelf appeal of your bottle. Your packaging should speak to the customer, and it should surely say “Buy me.” In short, your bottle needs to stand out in a crowd of at least a hundred other brands your target customer has to choose from.

  • Screen prints stay long, and they are undoubtedly more noticeable. They are steadily replacing paper sticker labels. Plus, they save paper, which is a huge pro for any company interested in keeping themselves green.
  • Paper labels can tear, fade, scuff and bubble. You will have to face no such tryst with the screen prints. There is just no chance your label will wash away when the wine bottle is kept in a cooler or an ice bucket. Your bottles can endure exposure to UV, floods and direct light. Your screen print label will shine bright like the North Star.
  • Most importantly, screen print is the best friend of all customizations. You need to put the right message about your brand on your labels, and you need to reach out to your target customer. No other print can help you more than the silkscreen prints. Cal Dec makes sure to offer extreme customization options to all customers. This way, you can choose your own logos, colors, fonts, and size of the label on your bottle shape. State of the art technology at Cal Dec Print allows the clients to print any form of bottle, tube, gallon or run bottle without a second thought.

Always choose a printer option that supports these kinds of customizations. A single label can be the difference between a massively successful new brand and a brand that has no customers at all.

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